KPMG, one of the largest professional services firms in the world, wanted to launch a new organization, which would change the way the firm delivers some services.

To communicate this change to clients, employees and partners around the globe, the company pulled together an elite team of communication strategists — including Cason Lane. Collaborating with the firm’s in-house communication departments and external agencies, we advised senior leadership on communications strategy and change management for the new entity.

Today, we continue to help various parts of KPMG develop global go-to-market messaging, thought leadership, marketing communications and internal communications.

Our work:

  • Stakeholder interviews; consulting on audience analysis and change management
  • Development of internal and external messaging
  • Development of executive communications to manage internal change
  • Development of launch communications including media materials, executive talking points, Q&A, website copy, intranet copy and thought leadership articles
  • Executive media coaching and other PR support
  • Development of white papers, contributed articles and other marketing communications

WordCloud Communication planning

Change communications:

Cason Lane advises senior management on messaging, employee communications and external communications for strategic global initiatives. 

Messaging strategy

Messaging strategy:

We develop global messaging platforms to help KPMG engage employees in new strategic priorities and communicate them to clients.

Executive speechwriting:

Cason Lane develops remarks and presentations to help KPMG executives communicate strategic direction.

Content marketing:

In addition to advising on communication strategy, Cason Lane develops KPMG thought leadership, including white papers and magazine articles that have won Platinum and Gold MarCom Awards.

Cason Lane helps KPMG with strategic content


Cason Lane writes provocative, attention-getting content that positions KPMG as a leader in management consulting.