How do you talk about charitable efforts in a way that builds brand awareness and drives the business?

To help answer that question, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation turned to Cason Lane. We developed a comprehensive, award-winning communication strategy to launch the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department, position it in the marketplace, improve brand reputation and drive employee engagement.

We also developed key messaging that educated the company’s leadership on the business case for the Foundation. As a result of management’s new confidence and support, the Foundation received resources that increased its total assets from $1 million to $40 million, enabling the organization to make a much stronger impact on the health of Louisiana.

Our work:

  • Employee surveys and other research
  • Overarching reputation strategy and positioning
  • Internal communication strategy
  • External communication strategy
  • Talking points to gain leadership buy-in
  • Messaging playbooks
  • Measurement strategy
  • Ongoing support through planning, speechwriting, executive communications consulting, copywriting, design and web development

WordCloud Communication planning

Communication planning:

We guided the Blue Cross Foundation in a step-by-step process to discover the organization’s needs, analyze audiences, determine goals and objectives, develop tactics and measure effectiveness.

Messaging strategy

Messaging strategy:

Cason Lane developed internal and external messaging playbooks. These reference tools serve as a guide for how to talk about CSR at Blue Cross, aligning messages with corporate objectives.

CSR collateral:

We developed a brand identity and suite of collateral about corporate social responsibility at Blue Cross.


We led the design, development and content strategy for a new website that positions the Blue Cross Foundation as a change leader in Louisiana.

Web-based reporting:

To further drive the Foundation’s statewide positioning and engage local communities, we managed the design, development and content strategy for a web-based CSR report. See the report.

Cason Lane client image for Blue Cross Louisiana

Other CSR reports:

We’ve also developed CSR reports — in print and interactive PDF formats — that demonstrate the company’s role in building a healthier Louisiana, while measurably improving company perception. Our work included comprehensive planning, content development, writing, design and measurement. See the report.


Cason Lane has written award-winning remarks for Blue Cross executives and brand influencers such as Louisiana First Lady Supriya Jindal.


We develop internal surveys, external surveys and other metrics to evaluate communication effectiveness and demonstrate ROI.