In recent years, Wells Fargo Insurance grew to one of the largest firms of its kind in the world (before its acquisition by USI Insurance Services in 2017). As Wells Fargo Insurance expanded its capabilities and refined its positioning, it needed to communicate strategically to employees, customers and partners throughout the Wells Fargo organization.

To help in that task, Wells Fargo Insurance retained Cason Lane. Through messaging, writing and communication planning, we helped increase customer awareness of the company’s services, educate and motivate employees, drive cross-sell opportunities and build sales.

Our work:

  • Strategic messaging for sales and marketing
  • Development of brand standards for marketing collateral
  • Writing of more than 200 marketing pieces in 7 months
  • Development of thought leadership
  • Development of internal communications

Messaging strategy:

We developed messaging and positioning strategies to support the sales goals of Wells Fargo Insurance’s practice groups.

Marketing & employee communications:

Cason Lane wrote award-winning white papers, articles, press releases, video scripts and other materials to educate internal and external audiences about Wells Fargo Insurance.

Trade shows and email campaigns:

Cason Lane provided copy and strategic messaging for industry trade shows and sales-building email campaigns to promote the capabilities of Wells Fargo Insurance.